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Mon 6 Sept front page announcement

Monday 6 September 2021

Advanced Function Chiropractic is "open" under alert level 1, 2, 3 and 4 as an Essential Service.

The current alert level we are operating under is Alert Level 3. There will be an announcement regarding the Alert Level at 4pm today.

We are NOT "open for business as usual". This means that our premises is closed to the public. You will need to contact me first by phone, text or email if you would like a consult. Online bookings have been disabled for this reason.

We are open for "emergency and urgent care" in specific situations. The situations are defined by the Ministry of Health, and the New Zealand Chiropractic Board. One of these situations is to do with an "acute degeneration of a known condition" which will relate to most patients here at Advanced Function Chiropractic.

Telehealth consults are the "preferred method" under Level 3, however it is possible for face-to-face consults to occur in certain situations. There is a series of COVID-19 screening questions you must answer before you will be allocated a consultation time.

An appropriate face mask must be worn during face-to-face consults.

All appointments that are face-to-face will be staggered so that no more than 1 patient is on the property at once. Deep cleaning / disinfecting and sanitation will occur prior to and between each and every patient.

Because of these protocols, it is requested that you remain in your car when you arrive. Text me when you are here, and I will come and get you from your car, and walk you into the practice.

You are required to sanitize your hands properly before entering the practice. Please avoid touching any door handles, switches, anything really, I will open the doors for you, etc.

I will go over all of this at the time, so do not worry. You will not be required to remember all of this.

Stay safe out there.

Yours in health,

Dr. Phil Lawson, DC

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