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'Exercise prescrition on the net'

A very handy resource whether you're a lay person, athlete or coach. This brief description doesn't really do ExRx justice.


There is a directory of muscles and exercises with an animation of each being performed correctly, as well as a large library of exercise, fitness, strength and conditioning textbooks which are available free of charge.

MobilityWOD & TheReadyState

These are one in the same, the evolution of a great idea from Kelly Starrett. An American Physical Therapist who wrote 'Becoming a Supple Leopard'. WOD stands for 'Workout of the Day'.


A Mobility WOD is a short focused session of mobility work. A fundamental idea within this system is that we should prepare our bodies for the physical things they do. If we have to be in a position for a long period of time (ie. at work, or at play) we should prepare our bodies to do this. To increase our performance, and to decrease the incidence of injuries, whether they be traumatic or related to over-use.

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